beta ReachOut starter kit

Create dynamic web applications faster

The Next.js starter kit for content and marketing sites


  • • Next.js 14
  • • ISR for content pages
  • • Data fetching and data schema validation
  • • Newsletter signup
  • • PaymentsPRO
  • • User authenticationPRO
  • • Content paywallPRO

ReachOut integration

  • • Web and email analytics
  • • Headless CMS
  • • Forms
  • • User management

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il manifesto

Marketers and publishers using ReachOut to build better dynamic web apps and content websites

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Web applications, content strategy, marketing automation and more curated by our editors.

The ugly truth about visual email editors
ReachOutEmail Marketing

The ugly truth about visual email editors

A visual email editor and a good template can help a lot to strike a creative output and consistent design. When doing a lot of email marketing or newsletter publishing the inconvenience of mixing layout and content becomes more obvious, yet a solution exists.

Our values

We are a team of developers building digital experiences for brands who care about user privacy, security and flexibility. We have developed web applications served to millions of users.

We build web applications that adapt to changing needs and scope.
Connecting multiple data streams with APIs and building integrations is our bread and butter.
Data privacy
We put data privacy first and build secure solutions to host the most sensitive data.
ReachOut automations are easy to configure, test and adapt to changing needs.
We male launching new content websites easy and fast with our starter kit and pre-configured CMS data schema.
Content is king
We have built a platform that empowers users to easily manage, import and edit content.

Case studies

Customer: repeople

Increasing conversions through relevancy

While the ReachOut platform is currently in private beta, ReachOut Marketing outsource their marketing production to a dedicated team of professionals who have been implementing campaigns that were seen by more than 1.5 million recipients.

Customer: il manifesto

A large newspaper publisher consolidated multiple systems with ReachOut

Discover how il manifesto consolidated four different CMS and two business analytics apps into one flexible CMS while keeping the same data structure and exposing the new consolidated data to a RestAPI to build a composable architecture with multiple frontend applications.

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Deploy faster

Launch a content website in hours, not weeks

The ReachOut starter kit for Next.js 14 is pre-configured with the ReachOut SDK, Auth.js, Zod, TailwindCSS and shadcn/ui components. Customize the starter kit connecting your services, or sign up for a ReachOut account to instantly access our headless CMS, email sending system, web analytics and automations.

Deploy anywhere

Build the starter kit and deploy on Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare Pages or Node.js.

Style with Tailwind

Customize styles and add components with TailwindCSS and shadcn/ui.

Fetch data

The ReachOut SDK is pre-configured with sample data. Sign up to set up your CMS with your data.

Iterate more

All features in one backend

ReachOut is the integrated backend for marketing and content web applications, triggered emails, newsletters, web analytics, automations and data management.

Connect any website.
The ReachOut SDK and Javascript libraries offer privacy-first web analytics, event collections, user identification and data fetching.
Your infrastructure.
ReachOut deploys dedicated databases and CMS instances to each customer. Upgrade to the enterprise version for custom on-premises deployments.
Composable architecture.
Get started fast with the ReachOut starter kit or bring your own websites, integrate the React/JS libraries and start creating marketing automations.
Product screenshot

Get started

Build faster

ReachOut starter is ready to go. Fork the Github project and run in dev mode. Sample data is pre-loaded from the ReachOut demo organization data.

Demo CMS

User: [email protected]
Password: ReachOutStarter


Fork and run locally

reachout-starter % pnpm i
reachout-starter % pnpm dev


ReachOut Starter

Fork the ReachOut Starter kit to deploy a Next.js app faster and integrate with ReachOut out of the box.



Build a Next.js web app faster. Integrate with ReachOut.

  • Web analytics
  • ISR
  • Content collections
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • TailwindCSS



For professional websites with content restrictions, paywall, user authentication, website payments.

  • Content paywall
  • User authentication with Auth.js and ReachOut
  • Website payments with Lemonsqueezy
  • Lifetime purchase for v1.x
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Deploy the ReachOut CMS and database on a hosted dedicated infrastructure or on-premises. Retain administrative access to your content and user data. Pay as you grow based on web and email volume.


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